PC Support.
We can handle all of your PC upgrades, migrations and moves, whether the task involves one computer or one hundred.

If your PC constantly crashes, blue screens, locks up, or simply isn't working as fast as it once did, we can examine your hardware and software setup, diagnose the problem, and propose a solution which will get your machine working again.
Today's new productivity software requires far more computing power than ever before. United IT-Outsourcing Co can help smooth the transition by upgrading your operating system and hardware to handle all your future computing needs. We can also enhance your current setup by installing the necessary service packs and strengthening your computer security.   
We can help you deploy new software programs, integrate software packages with each other, or even work with you to develop customized software packages for your business.
Support Outsourcing:
Let us partner with you and handle all of the day to day support of your PCs either remotely or onsite.


From EUR 30 per hour.
Please contact our sales department for futher details.
Should you need to service your company's IT-infrastructure (a set of computers),  prices start from EUR 20 per PC/month. Feel free to request free estimation from
our sales manager at:

Please do not hesitate calling our sales office at: +7 495 973 21 25.

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